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Multilingual Customer Support

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Our office staff are able to assist customers in ENGLISH, SPANISH, JAPANESE & ARMENIAN.

multilingual customer service

We are the Restoration Company that actually listens to you

Even though your home should be a comfortable and relaxing place …

It’s difficult to relax during water damage.

It’s extremely stressful going through an emergency water loss.

You may have any concerns like…

I need a restoration service, but….  

“I don’t feel comfortable with others entering my house…”

“Are these technicians trustworthy?”

“Will they be careful with my possessions?”

“Are they competent?”

“Will they take time to explain the process in a way I can understand?”

“Will they respond promptly when I have any questions?”

We understand your stress and your concerns.

We are happy to work with you every step of the way.

We will do everything possible to minimize your concerns and your stress during the restoration process.

We’re here to support you.

To help get your life back to normal and have a peace of mind.

Count on the experts at ServiceMaster for

Water Fire Mold restoration Services

24/7/365 Response

Seven days a week. 365 days a year. Daytime or nighttime. We quickly respond to get your life back to normal. The more time that elapses before treatment, the greater the damage.


Industry Leadership

For more than 60 years, ServiceMaster Water and Fire Advanced Restoration has come through for homeowners as a highly reputable, licensed, insured and endorsed provider of water, mold, fire and smoke restoration services.


Best-of-Class Methods

Our methods and processes meet or exceed industry standards.


Advanced Technology

We use state-of-the-art products to ensure the best results for your home.


Insurance Capabilities 

We offer comprehensive water mitigation services and have a long history of working with insurance companies to help get your claims processed as quickly as possible.


IICRC Standards

ServiceMaster Water and Fire Advanced Restoration works with the IICRC to help set the standards by which the industry operates.

Our Business Philosophy:

At **ServiceMaster Advanced Restoration OC, we are a team of highly motivated members, managers and staff dedicated to providing the first-class restoration services available in the industry.  

Our strength is generated from our commitment to our clients, our industry, our employees, and ourselves.

**ServiceMaster is a franchise.


Our Clients

ServiceMaster Advanced Restoration OC is committed to providing its clients high quality services while creating an enjoyable and productive working environment. 

We are sensitive and responsive to our clients’ needs and devoted to their satisfaction. 

We strive to be fair, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings.


Our Employees

ServiceMaster Advanced Restoration OC is committed to hiring and developing the best managers and staff in our industry. 

We are dedicated to providing a working environment which allows each and every employee to have job satisfaction, at the same time meeting the desires of the company to produce the best quality services available on a profitable basis. 

We wish to develop employees known for their character, commitment, and confidence, and we recognize the importance of each individual in the success of the entire company. 

ServiceMaster Advanced Restoration OC maintains an open-door policy at all times; encouraging the flow of communication, the exchange of ideas, creativity and self-esteem in the work place.


Our Industry

ServiceMaster Advanced Restoration OC is committed to leading the Restoration Services industry through its integrity, innovation, client satisfaction, and financial strength. 

We are dedicated to raising the overall standards within the industry and are devoted to maintaining an active profile within industry organizations and associations.


Our Communities

ServiceMaster Advanced Restoration OC is committed to excellence in every way, in our work ethic, in the services we provide, and in our relationships with our clients, employees, industries and communities.

When disaster strikes, every minutes that goes by makes the problem worse.

Don’t delay.


Our Services

Packout, move & Storage


Commercial Restoration
Fire Damage
Flood Damage
Mold Damage
Residential Restoration
Smoke Damage
Water Damage
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Residential FAQs


Customer Reviews
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Before & After
Reconstruction due to water leak from the upstairs master shower and mold damaged kitchen below. ...
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