Mold in Bathroom What Causes It and How to Minimize It

Finding mold in your home can be worrying because there are often health risks associated with mold, including allergy-like respiratory symptoms, skin irritation, cold and flu symptoms, headaches, nausea and mold-induced asthma.

It’s important to know the causes of mold growth before it occurs so you can work to avoid damage to your home and your health.

Find out what causes mold in your bathroom and the steps you can take to prevent and remove it with these tips from ServiceMaster Restore®.

What Causes Mold in Bathrooms?

Bathrooms are a natural breeding ground for mold. Showers and baths create lingering moisture that sticks to your shower liner, linoleum, tiles, grout, walls, windows and other areas of the room.

Without the proper ventilation, the excess moisture will cause mold to grow.

Leaky plumbing can also contribute to mold growth.

If your toilets, sinks or pipes drip and you don’t notice soon enough, the standing water could create a serious mold problem.

How Can I Prevent Mold in my Bathroom?

There are simple steps you can take to help reduce the risk of mold in your bathroom. Follow these tips to protect yourself and your home:

  • Properly ventilate your bathroom. Turn on the fan or open a window while you run the bath or shower.
  • Let air continue to circulate for at least 30 minutes after a shower or bath to ensure the room dries completely.
  • Use mildew-resistant shower and window curtains.
  • Wipe down your shower tiles and grout after use to completely remove any lingering moisture.
  • Wash your shower curtain once a month.
  • Wash your bathmats regularly. Dry them completely before returning them to the bathroom.
  • Never leave damp laundry on the floor.
  • Repair leaks immediately.

How Should I Remove Mold in the Bathroom?

If you suspect mold in your shower or somewhere else in your bathroom, inspect the room thoroughly to locate the source.

Check under sinks, exhaust fans, pipes, tiles and even underneath your shower door.

Once you locate the source or if you have trouble finding it, contact professionals to establish a safe, effective remediation plan as soon as possible.

You should not attempt to get rid of mold on your own since you could unintentionally spread mold spores and make the risk to your home or health even worse.

If you need mold remediation experts at a moment’s notice, call the professionals at ServiceMaster Restore 24/7/365.

We’re always ready to put our training, experience and advanced equipment to work.

Our proven processes can quickly, safely and effectively treat mold outbreaks in your bathroom so you can relax without worrying about what to do next.

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